Cataract and Cleft Lip Surgery Update

On May 13, 2014 Alay Foundation, in collaboration with our fellow organization KDF, hosted our first event: Free Catartact Surgery Screening and Reading Glasses Distribution Day. Patients were also screened for free cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries and new prosthesis fittings.

Alay Foundation saw a total of 555 people, gave away 199 pairs of eyeglasses, scheduled 97 people for cataract surgery, 5 people will be fitted and given new prostheses, and 4 people scheduled for cleft lip and cleft palate  surgeries which have been completed along with follow up visits. See pictures the families allowed us to share with you on

Cataract Surgeries are still being completed and Alay Foundation has been and will continue transporting patients to KDF facilities for their scheduled appointments. So far we have completed 45 cataract surgeries and have 52 more to go. Two patients have been given their new prostheses and we are waiting for four more to schedule their follow-up appointments. All in all, progress is being made and we are committed to getting patients to their scheduled surgeries.

KDF, is a local Philippine charity that has been working in our neighboring region, Pampanga, in the Philippines since 1987. They provide disability programs and maternal and child health programs. Alay Foundation has been warmly welcomed by KDF to the community of dedicated volunteers and professionals working to help alleviate the suffering of the poor in the Philippines. KDF has taken Alay Foundation under its wing and will be providing us with advice and help that only an organization with experience such as KDF can give. You can find out more about KDF and the work they do on their Facebook page: .

We look forward to working closely with KDF in serving the community by helping to raise the standard of healthcare for the poor in the Philippines.