June 25, 2015 Genna Preston

World Blood Donor Day Blood Drive in San Jose City

Field Notes from Rizza M. Paray

Alay Foundation held a Blood Drive, in honor of World Blood Donor Day, on June 13, 2015 with the cooperation of Philippine Red Cross. It was a very busy day.  Not only were we conducting a blood drive, but we launched our education program with a class on Sexual and Reproductive Health called, “Let’s Talk About Sex.”  While all of this was happening, we had a film crew there documenting events and conducting interviews for an upcoming fundraising campaign.  

Prior to our June 13th events, Alay Foundation staff spent countless hours promoting the Blood Drive in the San Jose community.  We printed flyers and had some tarpaulins printed and hung up in San Jose City, especially in the city proper.  One of the tarpaulins was hung beside Plaza Leonor and the other, along the Public Market.

I would like to personally thank the volunteers who helped us give out flyers in San Jose City, despite the hot weather.  Their hard work helped to make our event successful.    :)

Alay staff also went to City Hall to inform the Barangay Leaders about Alay Foundation’s Blood Drive and other programs because they have the means to reach more community members.

We also addressed letters to Philippine National Police (PNP), Philippine Army and Peace Action and Rescue with Dedication to Serve the Society (PARDSS) to invite them to our Blood Drive.  Thank to all of those who showed their support by attending our Blood Drive.

On the day of the blood drive, with help from the kitchen staff at the canteen near Plaza Leonor, we prepared snacks to be given to the blood drive participants.  Thanks to the kitchen staff for taking the time to help us.  :)

Alay Foundation had 70 participants at our Blood Drive, and collected 36 blood donations. Thirty-six bags of blood may not seem like a lot, however, that can save up to 108 lives! It is also a 45% increase from our November Blood Drive!!  :)

Thank you to all our staff, volunteers, partner organizations, and participants who made our blood drive a success.  

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