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Bringing Medical Care To Those Who Need It Most

Everyone deserves access to affordable quality health care. No one should suffer because they cannot afford to see a health care provider Jose Senecio M. Sobrepena, M.D – Founder, Alay Foundation

Alay Sa Bayan NS Foundation (ASBNS) is established on the belief that every citizen of the Philippines has the right to access affordable quality health care including medically accurate information that allows the poor to make informed decisions.  Unfortunately, this is just a dream for many Filipinos who, today, continue to live in poverty and are unable to obtain health care for the most basic medical needs, such as prenatal care and maternal care.  As a result, the Philippines has a high maternal death rate.  According to the United Nations, an average of 221 women die for every 100,000 live births, one of the highest maternal death rates in the Southeast Asia region.

Alay Foundation seeks to address this situation and aims to help alleviate needless deaths and complications associated with childbirth in the Philippines.  In addition to medical aid for prenatal care and childbirth, Alay Foundation will also offer general medicine care in our walk-in medical facility, once it is established, and offer mobile medical units that will be able to transport patients, provide basic on-site health monitoring such as blood pressure and early pregnancy testing, and educational outreach with an emphasis on practicing healthy behaviors. Together we can make a difference in the lives of the poor by providing quality health care that can be relied on as a critical community resource.

Mission Statement

To help combat poverty and empower the poor by providing medical education and assistance to disadvantaged individuals and families in the San Jose City, NE area of the Philippines.

Vision Statement

To play a significant role in both outreach and education regarding prenatal and maternal care in order to see a Philippines where everyone has access to affordable quality health care.

Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to provide a critical community resource that ensures health care for those with the greatest need.

To accomplish this we will sponsor families through PhilHealth, build medical facilities, and use mobile medical units to reach those in remote locations to perform health screenings and to provide transportation to and from health appointments and procedures.



Jose Senecio M. Sobrepena, M.D.
Unlike so many in the Northern Nueva Ecija area, I was very fortunate growing up not having to anguish in the despair of poverty that is so prevalent in the Philippines. As I became an adult, I became aware of josethe gravity of the situation for so many families in the Philippines. I dreamt of one day doing something that could make a difference in my community. Eventually, I realized the best way to accomplish this was becoming a doctor of medicine.

As I look back on my life, I realize I have dedicated myself to helping others: from serving in the United States Military to becoming a doctor, being in service to others was always my goal. I have always hoped at some point in my life I would be able to return and help the struggling families in the Philippines. Finally, that day is here.

My medical education and experience have empowered and inspired me to bring true and lasting change to the lives of so many poor families in the San Jose area. My hope is that you will join me and help bring basic quality healthcare to those who need it most in the Philippines.



PhilHealth.hpgPhilHealth is the national Philippine health insurance program “established to provide health insurance coverage and ensure affordable, acceptable, available and accessible health care services for all citizens of the Philippines.”

The enrollment fee of an estimated equivalent of $60 dollars insures an entire family for a one year period. The families that Alay Foundation screens for sponsorship eligibility are the indigent families in the San Jose, NE area of the Philippines. This vulnerable community has long endured a lack of access to affordable health care.

We are striving to implement a system of sustainability by encouraging supporters who give to the “Sponsor a Family” option to continue supporting these families by renewing their membership yearly.

Supporters will learn more about the families they sponsor by receiving a photograph of the family along with a personal letter updating the supporter about the family’s news.

Enrollment in PhilHealth is a bridge to improving the overall quality of life for a whole community of people living at the margins of society. Your sponsorship means an entire family can begin receiving health care services that treat and prevent illness and, ultimately, save lives.

Disclaimer: Please note that due to the nature of fluctuating currency exchange rates, and the nominal PayPal processing fee, any and all funds in excess of enrollment costs will be contributed to the PhilHealth Sponsorship Program as an effort to enroll even more families..


Birthing and Women’s Center

Alay Foundation is in full compliance with the Philippine Department of Health’s rules and regulations regarding the construction of medical facilities and the delivery of health care services.

The first phase of construction will be the building of the birthing and women’s center in San Jose City, NE. The center will include two private delivery rooms, one semi-private labor room, and one semi-private 4 bed recovery room. The birthing and women’s center will be located across the street from the Heart of Jesus Hospital.  A small groundbreaking ceremony took place in May 2014 with the official opening ceremony to be held later this year.  Architectural plans are in the final draft phase and have been submitted to the Philippine Department of Health.

Upon completion of the birthing center, our next phase will be the construction of our walk-in general medicine clinic, also in San Jose City, NE. Details about this facility have not yet been finalized and more information will be available by the end of 2015.


Mobile Units

There are many communities and villages, also called barangays, that are remotely located.  The families that live in barangays do not have reliable transportation to get them to medical facilities when needed.  MU 1This prevents women from seeking and receiving prenatal and maternal care. Too often women will ignore pregnancies until the 9th month and rely on “traditional birth attendants” instead of medically trained midwives.  Midwives are heavily relied upon in the Philippines for birthing and maternal care and are trained and certified under Philippine laws and regulations.  Traditional birth attendants are not formally, nor are they medically, trained.

We will address this vital need within these communities by providing mobile medical units equipped to transport patients on a scheduled and/or emergency basis, to Alay Foundation’s facilities and other government medical facilities in the San Jose, NE area.

The mobile medical units will also be equipped to monitor basic health conditions including blood pressure, early pregnancy testing, and some prenatal care.



MIDWIVESAccording to the United Nation’s Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Philippines is one of the least likely of countries to reach Millennium Development Goal #5.A – Reduce by three quarters the ratio of women dying in childbirth. The Philippines has one of the highest maternal mortality ratios in the Southeast Asia region with an average of 221 deaths per 100,000 live births. This dire statistic has forced the Philippines to adjust their targets for fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals set forth by the United Nations in 2000. Rather than meeting the lower rate of 55-60 deaths per 100,000 live births, the goal now is to reduce maternal mortality to 160 deaths per 100,000 live births.

In the Philippines, midwives serve in a vital role during the birthing process. Midwives are medically trained and are registered through the government, ensuring proper and current training. However, only 60% of births are delivered by midwives. Many women and families in the Philippines rely, instead, on “traditional birth attendants” because they lack the resources for legitimate medical options with skilled birth attendants. Traditional birth attendants are not medically trained, rather, they are assistants to midwives or meet the criteria of someone who has assisted in a previous birth.

Alay Foundation seeks to improve this situation and aims to help reduce unnecessary deaths and complications associated with childbirth by partnering with midwives and allowing them the use of our birthing and women’s center. Along with the use of our facilities, an obstetrician and a pediatrician will be on-call throughout the delivery to assist the midwives should emergency care be needed.   Immediate transfer to a fully equipped hospital, located minutes from the birthing center, will be arranged when emergency obstetric care is needed. The birthing and women’s center will directly contribute to the reduction of maternal death rates in the San Jose, NE region of the Philippines.

We will also provide staff and midwives continuing professional development in the form of comprehensive training as specified by the Department of Health and compatible with Philippine Red Cross standards. This partnership with the midwives is an integral part of our commitment to have only the most qualified midwives working with us. ​



Why Support Alay Foundation?

The generosity of supporters like you allows us to fulfill our mission of delivering quality health care to impoverished Filipino families without access to health care in the San Jose, NE community. Founder and physician, Jose Sobrepena, believes - as you do - that every human being has a basic right to quality health care.

We are committed to bringing those medical services to struggling Filipino families who need it most. Support our work today and know that your contribution will promote a healthy society for all Filipino citizens, transforming lives all along the way.

Sponsor a SRHR Class for the Community

Sponsor a sexual reproductive health and rights class for Filipinos
  • For your donation of $55 you will be supporting our educational program for women, men and youth in the Philippines.
  • $55 covers all operating cost associated with conducting one class including all printed materials, refreshments, prizes, transportation, and staff salaries.
  • SRHR classes empower the community with information on modern methods of contraception, sexual health, HIV / AIDS awareness and prevention, and healthy relationships.
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Sponsor a Family

Sponsor one or more struggling families today at the cost of $60 per family
  • An entire family can begin receiving government health care benefits for as little as $60 a year.
  • Alay Foundation provides these health care benefits by paying for the enrollment of poor families in PhilHealth, the government sponsored health care program.
  • Alay Foundation's medical and birthing centers will accept PhilHealth as payment for all services generating a portion of the funds Alay Foundation will need to operate our facilities.
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Support Us

Your support will help fund the construction of health care facilities
  • Your support will help fund the construction of critically needed health care facilities in the community.
  • It will allow us to purchase mobile medical units that will enable us to reach remote locations to provide much needed basic health screenings
  • And provide educational outreach to the poor about our services and our emphasis on the importance of prenatal care.
  • Your donation is the lifeline for those we serve.
  • Your generous contribution allows us to realize our mission of reaching the poor with medical services.
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Join our Founder's Circle

Become part of our beginnings and help fulfill our mission
  • While we are in the process of constructing our facilities and purchasing our mobile medical units, supporters have the unique opportunity to join our Founder's Circle by contributing $5,000 or more to Alay Foundation.
  • Members of the Founder's Circle will enjoy the benefits of being recognized as an integral part of the Foundation's very beginnings.
  • Your generosity will be gratefully acknowledged with name plaques prominently displayed in our first birthing facility along with honorary mention in our newsletters distributed to all supporters.

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